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"The Health Center of O.I.Ustinova" is the leading Russian center of natural recovery of functions of the human body. For over 20 years, the Center had carried out scientific researches and practical work aimed at a deep and systematic cleansing of organs, tissues, cells and internal environment from chemical wastes, toxins and parasites using the natural ways proved by the history. More


Mikhail, Kazan:
I have to say that all doctors noticed that I had lost weight and looked younger. No wonder, I lost 9 kilos. How surprised they were, when we started the ultrasound test. Not only did I look younger, I was 10 years younger on the whole - that's what the doctors said!
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Ilona Vladimirovna:
Thanks to Olga Ivanovna Ustinova and the specialists who work there, I have a healthy and happy family: a husband, children and parents. I am more than 40 now. It's long after the date that doctors gave me. And I am healthy and happy!
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Alexey, Moscow:
As a result, the rejuvenating effect is incredible. Just imagine a person who caught a cold every month and after it wasn't sick for a year. Your family and colleagues notice that you look several years younger. And you feel that you really are, especially when you upgraded your efficiency and physical condition.
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After two weeks of staying at the Center I went home, and nobody recognized me. Everyone said that I became 5 years younger and there was a spark in my eyes! Personally, I feel fine. I feel very light; I am literally «flying». I feel a boost of energy and vitality. I am filled with a desire to live and move on.
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Lyudmila Ivanovna:
I passed the program (purification procedures) and got rid of the sudden attacks forever! Now when I think of how I was tormented by the attacks for three months, it seems it was only a bad dream. And people with asthma live for decades taking pills and using inhalers, without which they could simply die!
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Author’s note

The center offers 7 body purification programs which take into account the patient’s initial state of health. Extensional and harmonious programs of purification include: a set of measures to increase energy in the purified organs (4 types of massage, 8 kinds of breathing exercises, 5 styles of physical exercises), special meals, cold water treatment, systematic complex for the elimination of toxins, antiparasitic complex and other procedures. During each procedure every patient gets an individual diagnosis and proper corrections based on the patient’s state. These techniques provide the fastest advancement towards the final results. More…