About the Сenter

«The Health Center of O.I.Ustinova» is the leading Russian center of natural recovery of functions of the human body. For over 20 years, the Center has been carrying scientific research and practical work in the field of:

  • deep and systematic cleansing of organs, tissues, cells and internal environment using natural ways proven by the history;
  • natural recovery of human bodily functions.

Our advantages:

  • Safety — we use only natural and organic food without chemicals;
  • Reliability — 20 years of scientific and practical work in the field of natural regeneration of the human bodily functions;
  • Efficiency — the Center makes you feel immediate progress due to the intensive and harmonious recovery course;
  • Professionalism — during each procedure (up to seven times a day) the Center gives you an individual diagnosis and correction of your current state. This provides you with the maximum possible progress;
  • Flexible individual approach — we provide only manual work without any hardware. You save your time, energy and money (one of O.I.Ustinova’s program’s is equal to an health improvement program combined with a rejuvenation program and a weight loss program);
  • Availability — our purification programs are available to people with different income, while preserving the completeness and quality of the procedures;
  • Responsibility — we continue providing consultations to our patients who passed the rehabilitation course;
  • Unique geographical factors — the Center is located on the border of the national park – Samarskaya Luka. The Center is in an unique climate, which is determined by Zhigulevskye and Sokolov mountains (the only mountains in the East-European plain), floodplains of rivers Volga and Sok, as well as sandy soil and pine forests which are proved to be natural ionizers;
  • Good energy balance — is determined by the unique architecture of the Health Complex. It was built according to the golden section (the highest manifestation of structural and functional perfection of the whole and its parts).


А comfortable business class resort is located near Samara in the most environmentally friendly area of the Samara region — in the eastern part of the giant Volga bend Samarskaya Luka.

The unique climatic factors have a positive effect on all functions of the human body; they fill a person with the energy needed in the process of body purification.

The staff at the Center are a team of highly qualified specialists, who have high medical education. They are also active supporters of a non-traditional healing methods and promoters of an healthy lifestyle.

Here is the history of «The Health Center of O.I.Ustinova», the Center of natural recovery of the human body, told by the author of the method, the head of the rehabilitation programs, MD Olga Ivanovna Ustinova:

Since 1968, I was practicing self-healing yoga (forbidden & unknown in Russia at that time).
In 1978, the practice extended to members of my family and relatives.
From 1989, I worked with patients according to the currently used method (outpatient work and day hospitals).
In 1995, I established a hospital in Samara for systematic rehabilitation under the supervision of doctors.
In 2000, the method was patented.
In 2002, I completed the work on «Physical and spiritual food. Pain. Illness. Ways to Health. Purification of the soul, spirit, body». I was awarded the MD degree.
In 2007, in Samara Academy of Culture I defended the publication «Folk culture as a means of healing people».
In 2007, I received 5 diplomas of high education, including medical education.
In 2009 was the opening of the new Health Center building with an unique architecture of the Golden Section.