Author’s note

What makes our lives shorter?

You’ve probably noticed that, despite the growth of the modern medical science, our life span gets shorter each year, the number of diseases increases, and even children are now born unhealthy. What kills us? There are many factors: bad environment, unhealthy diets, unhealthy lifestyles and a lot more. Is there a way to regain the natural health and longevity?

We believe that a course of the body purification and natural recovery of its functions in «The Health Center of O. I. Ustinova» will help you make a step towards an active, harmonious and happy life.

Principle of the method

Our task is to remove substances that provoke a development of various diseases in the human body; to clean the organism from chemical wastes, toxins, parasites, and fill the patient with the energy required for self-healing. This is what all the procedures are aimed at. They are illustrated by the course of lectures and author’s consultations.

The method is based on the concept of causes of chronic diseases. The reasons are not only external physical factors, but also the psychological ones. Everyone knows that positive thoughts and physical health are interdependant. Therefore, we work to help people learn to live in harmony with themselves and social realms.

History of the method

Since 1989, we have been engaged in the systematic cleansing of the human body from toxins. For a long time we have been looking for the knowledge of our ancestors, which made their health strong, and systematized it. Traditional Russian, Tibetian, Indian, Chinese and Japanese folk medicine was revised. As a result, we now have a unique method which combines the best characteristics for providing self-healing functions of the human body.

Why cannot the method be considered a treatment?

The modern medicine uses methods and means of an artificial correction of health, as well as a system of suppression of symptoms by pharmacological means. Our method is aimed at self-healing functions of the human body and at addressing causes of diseases.

Who may go through the body purification programs?

We accept patients over 7 years old. The body purification programs are aimed at patients with different physiological status. We designed a set of programs for patients with various conditions, starting from a mild corrective purification to a powerful cleansing program of body transformation. These programs are chosen in accordance with a patient’s current health and the patient’s willingness to improve own health.

Over the past many years, we helped thousands of people to get rid of many diseases of the digestive, skin, cardiovascular, respiratory, lymphatic, nervous, endocrine, skeletal and urogenital systems. Our program also helps in solving overweight, premature aging, frequent colds, chronic fatigue syndrome and decreased fertility problems.

We help people be healthy. Our motto is «Creating Health Together!»