Necessary tests

Residents of Samara and Samara region have to undergo diagnostics before arriving (not later than 1 day before the arrival). You can undergo diagnostics in Samara, at the office of “The Health Center of O.I.Ustinova” at Novo-Vokzalniy dead-end, 21 "A", “The Health Center of O.I.Ustinova”.

Nonresidents of Samara can undergo diagnostics on the day of arrival at the office of “The Health Center of O.I.Ustinova”, or at health and fitness centers. You can undergo diagnostics only after obtaining reservations by phone:

Samara (Head Quarters): 8 (846) 951-93-43, 926-37-98;

You are not allowed to smoke, drink coffee or eat 3 to 4 hours before undergoing diagnostics. It is undesirable to take medication at least from an evening before diagnostics (except for hormone-dependent patients).