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An highly efficient and effective method!

Patent № 2200527 from October 20, 2000.

We introduce an unique method that brings together the best traditions of Russian, Tibetian, Indian, Chinese and Japanese folk medicines.

The method consists of deep and systematic cleansing of organs, tissues, cells and internal environment, using the natural ways proven by the history. We do not influence organs and bodily systems by artificial stimulators. We create conditions in the human body which stimulate self-purifying and self-healing functions. We eliminate all parasites in the body. We also help our patients to get the energy for the restoration of tissue viability and the improvement of the life environment in the organism. A psychological and social health, which is directly related to our physical health, is improved by our unique course of lections.

We use only natural factors: clean water, healthy ionized pine air, cold water treatment, physical activity, breathing techniques, herbs from Russian midland, sea salt, blue clay, as well as theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, which our specialists and MD Olga Ivanovna Ustinova are ready to share with you. “The Health Centers” in Samara and Togliatti were designed and built with elements that represent the laws of the Golden Section. The pavilion on Sosnovaya st. (Malaya Tsarevschina village) is fully based on the size, angles and proportions of the Golden Section. The form of the building and the dome on the roof stimulate the energy rise and harmonize the state of people in the building. The water in the pavilion becomes a living water.

The body purification program is recommended in accordance with the patient’s initial state of health.

The results of the purification program are:

  • Cleansing organs and tissues from chemical waste, toxins;
  • Immunity rise;
  • Elimination of micro- and maсroparasites through bodily self-healing functions;
  • Restoration of normal microflora (autoflora) in the human body (elimination of dysbacteriosis);
  • Improvement of the metabolic processes;
  • Skin improvement and restoration of all bodily systems: digestive, cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous, endocrine, skeletal and genitourinary;
  • Decrease in the number of exacerbations of chronic diseases and – in case of a patient’s systemic work - getting rid of many chronic diseases;
  • Weight normalization, figure correction (fat deposits and muscular-ligamentous apparatus), improvements of skin, hair and complexion;
  • Increase in activity and efficiency – energy level increase;
  • Strengthening of positive attitude toward life;
  • Improvement of the organism’s reproductive ability (preparing the birth of a healthy child).