Additional services

Eyesight recovery by a non-medical method of v. G. Zhdanov (Bates-Shichko)

Duration — 6 lessons, two hours each.

Cost — 7,000 rubles.


The program takes place during the second week of a two-week course of the body purification. We will consider a possible connection between your eyesight condition and liver function. As a result, with the purification of liver during the first week and a continuation of its purification during the second week of the course, we will create favourable conditions for improving your eyesight.

The eyesight recovery by a non-medical method of V.G. Zhdanov (Bates-Shichko) includes a set of special classes, training and exercises, which provide you with effective knowledge and help you deal with nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, strabismus, etc.

The patient leaves with the knowledge on further recovery of own eyesight.

Consultations of O. I. Ustinova, MD

Duration — 1 hour

Cost — 2,000 rubles.