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The purification of body and the natural recovery of its functions is a systematic, harmonious and complex multi-step process which include:

  • a diagnosis and consultations;
  • a systematic complex which prepares the body for the elimination of toxins (juices, herbal infusions, oils);
  • an anti-parasitic program (cleansing enema and microenema with a unique composition of herbs; deworming with special natural anti-parasitic drugs);
  • a comprehensive program aimed to increase the energy of treated organs to make them clean of chemical wastes, parasites and restore their functions (special physical and breathing techniques: Yoga, ninja, Taoist techniques, the method of Strelnikova, qigong techniques of harmonization, «the melting of overweight», health-strengthening bath procedures, swimming pool, four types of massages and other treatments);
  • special light food;
  • lectures and consultations on methods used at the Center.

All procedures including lectures are conducted according to the principle of chronotherapy (the laws of activity and passivity of human body systems) and natural organ functions.

Stages of integrated body purification program by the method of O. I. Ustinova

Step 1 «Diagnostics»

A way of treatment is chosen based on a patient’s state of health. The purpose of the diagnosis is to evaluate a cause of an organ’s deviation from the norm, the level of its failure and its resistance to pathogenic factors, as well as deviations from the normal lymph and blood flow in the patient’s organism. Thus, such a thorough diagnosis allows experts to choose the best program for the rehabilitation of the patient’s organism.

Step 2 «Selection of a body purification program»

In our Center, a body purification program is recommended based on the diagnosis and a baseline state of the patient’s health. A particular set of procedures is chosen individually for each patient after considering the readiness of the patient to improve own health. Depending on a complex of these factors, our specialists can recommend the most suitable course: from a mild correcting body purification to a powerful program for the elimination of chemical wastes, toxins, parasites and restoration of natural functions.

An individual approach to a body purification, constant monitoring of changes in the physical condition of the patient during the purification program, allows us to work with people of any age, including children over 7.

Step 3: «Performance of the body purification program»

The first step of the program is a «primary oiling» and cleaning of the small and large intestines and a stomach. These procedures facilitate an easier elimination of the toxins from the liver, spleen and pancreas.

After that the liver ducts are cleaned from poisons and toxins which will increase the liver filtration capacity. Along with this a process of purification of spleen and pancreas takes place.

A clean liver, pancreas and spleen create conditions for the purification of the organism at the cellular level. These organs clean the blood from chemical wastes, toxins and parasites to such an extent that, later the blood turns into a cleaning environment for cellular and intercellular spaces. But then, by washing dirty cells, the blood will become dirty again. Therefore, the cleansing at the cellular level should be performed simultaneously with the ongoing cleanup of the liver, because when the blood filters in the liver, it gets filled with toxins.

The results of scientific and practical research in our Center claim that, as a rule, on the 6tth and 7th day of the systematic body purification, the vascular system and the human heart get involved in the process. A day later (i.e. 7th or 8th day) starts the process of kidneys purification, which is responsible for the health of bones, joints and reproductive systems.

The time required for the restoration of organs' functions, and the body purification programs:

  • The smallest self-healing effect (before the purification of the cardiovascular system and kidneys — bladder, reproductive system, bones, joints) takes place in 7 days. Such a course can be recommended as a preventive course. It is suitable for patients with the good health.
  • The smallest self-healing course, which involves all systems, lasts 10 days. This program allows you to «shake off the dust» from all the internal organs.
  • The best program which involves purification of all bodily systems lasts 14 days.
  • Patients with low immunity and with numerous health problems are recommended to take a powerful transforming 28-days course.
Step 4 «Facilitating the end of purification»

At the final stage of purification the patient, under the supervision of specialists, is gradually returned to plain food. This procedure takes place during the last day of the tour.

As the body purification process is not finished in a single day, and the self-healing process goes on for 3 more weeks, we give the patient consultations concerning the diet, fasting days and physical activity during this period. During all this time we support the patient and provide the patient with medical advice by phone.

Step 5 «Maintaining own health after the purification»

While working with the patient, our specialists will reveal the weakest systems and organs. These systems and organs should always be kept in tonicity with the help of herbal infusions, lotions, special exercises, nutrition, etc. It is therefore very important to maintain the achieved health. The patients must maintain the achieved positive results, by following the recommendations given at the Center.

Step 6 «Proceeding work with patients with heavy body fouling»

Typically, patients undergoing purification for the first time have a very high level of fouling. Therefore, a 1-week, 2-week and sometimes even a 4-week course of the body purification is not enough to achieve a good health. That is why in achieving good results there is a kind of gradation.

According to an annual calendar of activity and passivity of the internal organs, together with the state of weak bodily systems, we will recommend a next course of the restoration of the bodily functions.

It is very important to maintain health (in accordance with the given recommendations) between the tours.

Such combined work of the patient and the specialists at the Center allows to reach the best results of the physical and spiritual health.

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