Procedure of the work with patients


We recommend our patients to pass a test, in order to determine the approximate length of the course needed for a patient.


You need to determine the date of arrival and call “The Health Center of O.I.Ustinova’s” office in Samara (all office managers of “The Health Center of O.I.Ustinova” have an high medical education).

Samara (Head Quarters): 8 (846) 951-93-43, 926-37-98.

Order a tour

After that you need to buy a ticket in the office of "The Health Center of O.I.Ustinova".


Residents of Samara and Samara region have to undergo diagnostics before arriving (not later than 1 day before the arrival). You can undergo diagnostics in Samara, at the office of “The Health Center of O.I.Ustinova” at Novo-Vokzalniy dead-end, 21 "A", “The Health Center of O.I.Ustinova”.

Nonresidents of Samara can undergo diagnostics on the day of arrival at the office of “The Health Center of O.I.Ustinova”, or at health and fitness centers. You can undergo diagnostics only after obtaining reservations by phone:

Samara (Head Quarters): 8 (846) 951-93-43, 926-37-98;

You are not allowed to smoke, drink coffee or eat 3 to 4 hours before undergoing diagnostics. It is undesirable to take medication at least from an evening before diagnostics (except for hormone-dependent patients).


Starting March 28, 2010 Samara city and Samara region have the same time as Moscow.

The basic program in Samara:

Arrival from 12am till 3pm. The first body purification programs start at 3pm.

You must be on time!

Address: Samara region, Krasnoyarsk region, Malaya Tsarevschina village, Rodnikovaya st., 5 "A" ("Old Court"); Samara region, Krasnoyarsk region, Malaya Tsarevschina village, Sosnovaya st., 55 ("New Court"). The map is in the ticket.


Two days before your arrival (if there are no other recommendations received earlier) you should eat:

  • Last but one day: porridge based on water, vegetables, greenery, fruit, dried fruit;

  • A day before arriving: fresh fruit juices (apple or apple-lemon; apple-carrot-lemon (you can substitute it for apple juice in Tetra Pak cartons - in the last but one day you can freeze it, the next day defrost and drink it); melt-water. The total volume of liquids should not be more than two liters a day!

Things to take with you:

  • Seasonable clothing and footwear for physical training activities outdoors and indoors;

  • A bathrobe;

  • Flip-flops;

  • A swimming suit (trunks);

  • Esmarch's irrigator, 2 litres*;

  • Enema kit, 50 ml and 100 ml*;

  • For women: irrigator*;

  • Hygiene items (don’t take a lot of cosmetics and shampoos with you!).

* Can be bought at the Center in Malaya Tsarevschina village.


The main thing you need is the mood for a good, powerful work done with pleasure!

You cannot bring with you

A TV nor radio. It is advisable not to bring cell phones, for fear of being distracted from self-improvement.


14-day program: Departure is at 1pm, on Thursday of every second week.

7-day program: Departure is at 1pm, on the following Friday from the date of arrival.

You cannot leave the Center during the recovery course – there is a serious work to transform the organism and stimulate self-healing! Interrupting the processes is dangerous for your health! After completing the course, every patient is given individual recommendations on how to maintain health and given advice on what systems of the body (the weakest ones) need special attention.

Second course

Patients advised to repeat the course must: book the ticket one month prior to the recommended date of arrival to the Center. For Samara residents please call: Samara (Head Quarters): 8 (846) 951-93-43, 926-37-98.

Clients who have had a tour, have seniority. When we’re overbooked, we honor the clients and their relatives. They are booked first based on their seniority.

In "The Health Centers of O.I.Ustinova" you can buy:

Books and lectures of MD O.I.Ustinova;

DVDs about functional, psychological and social health;

Health souvenirs with Golden Section designs.